Bullet Journals* Getting Started

Bullet Journals* Getting Started

  Bullet Journal 101 – Everything you need to know to get started: bullet journal On average, a monthly layout will include these components: A Cover Page A Monthly Calendar 2-4 Trackers 1 Collection 4-5 Weekly Spreads Monthly Review You don't need a fancy notebook or pens but the most important thing is to keep it [...]

Blog- Blogger ? or Blogging ?

My Tuesday 's Subject  *  What is a Blog ? Blogger ? Blogging?  What is it ? Why Do I do it? Read my story -  Lisa   I Goggled the term and this what came up - A Blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself [...]

Good Reads Yes or No

Tuesday - Social  Post is all about Good Reads.  I am a book lover from a Book loving family. I am a long time Good Read member but i find myself using it less to find books and chat in groups.  There;s been some controversy over  Good Reads since Amazon bought them about the reviews [...]