It’s Time for Mardi Gras Crafts :

This Thursday I am celebrating with Mardi Gras crafts for Adults and kids.

I am making a wreath for my door:

My front door wreath is made with a combination of things I had and some items I picked up locally.

A simple mask:

I made these quick mask with supplies on hand. Cut out mask ( template) in construction paper and decorate. Flowers,sequins and Glitter and add stick or string .

Mardi Gras color pages;

What to do with your beads you collected:

  • Mardi Gras Beads (33″ long, 7mm Metallic Gold)
  • *this 7-inch tall letter used 10, 33-inch strands of 7mm diameter beads
  • Hot Glue or Skillet Glue
    • Chipboard large letter or Cardboard (to make Letter)
  • Optional: Deco Flex Tubing Ribbon


Cut each of the Mardi Gras beads into single strands. You can use gold beads like this letter or other colors. If you have multiple colors of Mardi Gras beads, simply spray paint the letter when you are done. Wrap the beads strands around the entire letter, back and front. Make sure the strands stay going in the same direction, and place them close together so that they interlock. This makes the gaps smaller, giving the letter a mosaic look.Now you have the option of spray-painting the monogram letter with the color you want, or leaving it as is. To make the letter into a wall hanging, simply tie a ribbon and a bow at the top. We used metallic gold deco flex tubing ribbon to create the bow and hanger.

Thanks for Making Crafts with Me this Thursday !!! Lisa

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