April is Poetry Month *

We are ending April with Poetry! Since April is National Poetry month Tuesday lesson is teaching Poetry to kids : What are the goals of National Poetry Month? The goals of National Poetry Month are to: highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poetsencourage the reading of poemsassist teachers in bringing poetry into their classroomsincrease the attention … Continue reading April is Poetry Month *

National Parents as Teachers Day

We all teach our children different things in life.  But I had the honor to Virtual  School (on line public school ) my son for 6 years.  Yes it was a big  family decision  but for our family it worked. He graduated and Now a college freshman doing great. But I still help out other parents … Continue reading National Parents as Teachers Day

Christopher Columbus Lap book *

So how about a fun Lap Book to go with your book on Christopher Columbus . Perfect for History class on Monday !  Easy made with : sheets of scrapbook paper Blue 12 by 12 sheet (Front & Back) Cut 5 by 12 strip /folded in half) Blue & Green 12 by 12 sheet  (middle … Continue reading Christopher Columbus Lap book *

Banned Book Week * Sept 23- 29th

Today is book Tuesday here . And I am posting about  Banded Books  , Is your favorite on the list ? What can you do ?  Why is To Kill a Mockingbird often considered controversial? And should be banned . But  most 6-7 th grade curriculum includes this book.  My Son read it in the 7 th grade … Continue reading Banned Book Week * Sept 23- 29th

Constitution Day * History Lap Book

As many of you know I was a home schooler/ virtual schooler for many years. My son has now graduated and on to college. But when  he was in younger grades  he loved learning with small Lap books to go with  what he was studding.  Today's subject is History.  Lisa   Constitution Day  was yesterday . … Continue reading Constitution Day * History Lap Book

School In * 9/11 Lap Book

Check my  book post  for books to read, And here's a fun class project  in  remembrance of 9/11 that many children may not understand - Lisa  I made this simple Small  lap book to help explain to kids about what happened that day. And why we should remember it,  ( perfect for History class ) … Continue reading School In * 9/11 Lap Book

Crock Pot * Chicken Parmigiana

It's Thursday and this Foodie day we celebrate the Classroom!  Yes - It's National Classroom Day : And since I was a virtual /home school er for 6 years a Crockpot was my favorite kitchen tool . I could fix it the morning and after a day of school I had dinner ready to eat … Continue reading Crock Pot * Chicken Parmigiana

Graduation Time * May

Hello ! I can't believe it my Son graduates this coming Monday from High School . It seems like just yesterday he started school. He will be missed  at home since moving back to Louisiana he has attended an On Line Public School from home. Charted by the state of Louisiana. We made that choice … Continue reading Graduation Time * May