Tuesday Morning * Back to School

Tuesday Morning Post :

As most know we school at home through a virtual charter school. And when use the local public school schedule which means we just finished Spring Break. Lots of kids headed out to the beach or vacation  but it was a stay at home break for us. But learning did not stop. He’s got two big test coming up – a web design certification ( so he can help Mom) through school & he made it to the state high school rally round.  Testing his knowledge in Environmental Science. As with traditional home school we can study & work on projects doing break. But we are off doing the summer. But I have always encouraged some  type of learning program during the summer even when he attend public school .Kids forget so much doing the summer and it prepares them for the next year . In elementary its math & reading. In high school its those & summer computer camp.



I know some of my followers /friends are teacher  : Your thoughts on the option to school year round with semester break  ? Good or Bad ? If I had  traditional home-schooled  I would have done it. Lisa

So today where back to class : Eng 4 is calling us -another paper to write !  Lisa

** Its National Li bray Workers Day ! So stop bye & Say Thank You!!!

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