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Twilight Dreams



Amanda Ashley
Holly Parrish has never met anyone like Micah Ravenwood: his dark eyes, his movie-star smile, the indefinable way he looks at her. Even when she thought he was no more than another client for her investment firm, her lust overpowered her logic.

But she never expected this attraction to whisk her from her busy southern California life to a silent and eerie ghost town in Wyoming. Only vampires call the deserted place home—and one of them is Micah. He says he’s brought her to Morgan Creek for her safety, that vicious creatures are hunting her. But how can Holly trust him? One look and she can see the need barely restrained behind Micah’s polite words. The heat of his kiss, the pleasure of his touch—none of it can tell her whether he wants her as his lover—or his prey . .


My Book Review- Another great vampire book from this author. Micah leaves Morgan Creek looking for something and meets Holly. Holly a human that knows nothing about Vampires -Finds a whole new world. Where blood ,death and family means a whole different thing . Micah is a new vamp with a very real human family -who have found loss but is moving on. Holly is strong and when turns makes a perfect wife for Micah. A book for all vampire readers and another winner for this author. Lisa