Valentine Reading List-

The Duke’s Love Letter: A Valentine’s Day Regency Romance

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Hoping to win the heart of Miss Fairchild with a romantic Valentine’s Day letter, The Duke of Mowbray enlists the help of Henrietta, a local writer, to help him out. Wanting to deliver the perfect message, he spends an abundance of time with Henrietta to get it just right. Soon Henrietta notices she has fallen for this most intriguing client, even though she is well aware of how impossible it would be for the duke to return her feelings. Does the duke notice her interest and feel the same way, or does he continue to pursue the love of Miss Fairchild and break Henrietta’s heart?




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Giving a Heart of Lace

A Lady brought low by scandal, a handsome merchant, a brilliant business idea, a scoundrel, a Valentine’s Day gift.
Lady Serafine Parkington struggles to keep herself, and her mother, alive, after the scandal of her brother’s gambling and suicide destroyed their family, and left them shunned by the ton.
Mr Raphael Morton, returned war hero and wealthy merchant, is utterly bored, finding it most difficult to settle back into civilian life. He seeks a business idea to engage his interest, and make life worthwhile again.
When an accident of circumstance brings Lady Serafine and Raphael together, an unlikely business partnership is born. Can they save their business from a scoundrel bent on destruction, and, perhaps, find a partnership of the heart, as well as one of business?

Lord Haverly’s Valentine Pursuit

Lady Evelyn’s husband has dropped dead. Now, the ton are gossiping wildly. Was it copious drink? Did he have a wandering eye? All Lady Evelyn wants to do is escape with her two children. Her properties include an Irish horse stud and she flees there, seeking solace and healing. Initially she resists the charms of the Viscount of Haverly, a visitor to the area, but to no avail – eventually her heart is engaged. When his true motivation comes to light, she is thrust once again into the depths of grief and despair. Will Lady Evelyn ever find true romance? And what can the Viscount possibly do to redeem himself?

Valentine’s Duel

Why would Miss Mary Highland’s sister, Helen, the blue-stocking with no interest in marriage,get a Valentine? It can’t matter that Mary has put the Valentine into a drawer, unread. It also shouldn’t matter that Mary is in love with her brother’s best friend, or that her love is a known rake, or that he has a fiancé or that he has just kissed her. But it does.
Captain Vincent Darten has returned from war a more serious man – but his reputation remains. He was quite certain that proposing to Miss Charlotte was the best decision. Until he saw Mary again. And kissed her. But breaking engagements tends to result in duels – and duels have a nasty habit of resulting in serious injury…
Can Mary and Vincent find their way to true love? Or will their mistakes keep them apart forever?

The Duke’s Love Letter

Miss Henrietta Hart, a spinster, supports herself with her words. Gentlemen who find themselves sorely lacking in poetic skills pay her to compose their Valentines and other missives for them. It is a frustrating, yet successful business.
David Stanton, Duke of Mowbray, hopes to win the heart of Miss Fairchild with a romantic Valentine’s Day letter. But he finds himself completely unable to compose something suitable. When his brother suggests a solution, the Duke asks Henrietta’s assistance with his Valentine’s problem and unexpected events are set in motion – as the Duke spends time with Henrietta to achieve the perfect message.
The Duke is the most intriguing man that Henrietta has met, and she finds her affections engaged – but she is well aware of the impossibility of any relationship. Will the Duke notice her interest and feel the same way, or will he continue to pursue the love of Miss Fairchild and break Henrietta’s heart?

The Duke’s Vanishing Valentine

Duncan Livingston, Duke of Middleford, attends the Valentine’s Masquerade Ball and is entranced by a woman costumed as Marie Antoinette, who he assumes, at first, to be his childhood friend, Lady Margaret Notley. By evening’s end, she has stolen his heart. But, just before the midnight unmasking, she disappears.
Upon seeking out Lady Margaret the next day, Duncan is startled to discover that she declares that she had not, after all, attended the Ball. Is Lady Margaret lying to him? Surely not! Then… who was the mystery woman? Will Duncan’s quest succeed? Will he discover the truth, and find the woman he loves?



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