Review – Camilla



Reformed party-girl Camilla Lind accepts Jared Richardson’s ring, but she won’t be pressured into setting a wedding date at Fleur de Lis. When Steven Sterling, the bane of her old life, shows up to convince her of his undying love, he’s not beneath blackmail to get her back. Camilla fears Jared will believe Steven’s lies because of her shameful past.

Jared has no time to return to Wyoming. Historical restoration contractors are in demand after the hurricane, and work takes him away from Camilla for longer stretches of time. He’s concerned—someone is sending her flowers. When Steven threatens Jared, he fights back. But he won’t marry Camilla if the only reason she sets a date is to avoid Steven.

Together they learn their love is as steadfast as the Wyoming sky is blue, and Mardi Gras is the perfect time for a wedding.

ARC supplied as part of book tour.


My Review-

The amazing Linda Joyce penned another winner. Camilla is the party girl that has been reformed- now doing good work and engaged to Jared. But when an old problem show up -she’s a real Southern belle with a core of steal. And Jared the Western Wyoming cowboy is steady and protective – even though hes not from the South (more John Wayne) . Its a great book with lots of passion and fun. And I love the idea of a Mardi Gras wedding ( I should have done that). Read this whole series and enjoy!  Lisa 

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