AC Mason – Mardi Gras Gris Gris




Susan Foret is again thrust into a murder investigation when one of the town’s wealthiest citizens Teddy Berthelot is the victim of an elusive killer, stabbed to death as the local krewe’s parade ends. He collapses feet away from where Susan stands, a gris gris bag, containing tarot cards and several other fetish items, left dangling from the knife in his chest. Although she doesn’t know the victim personally, the murder reopens old wounds inflicted when she discovered her sister-in-law’s body many years prior and the recent solution of that cold case.

A second murder occurs in a neighboring town using the same method and leaves the normally quiet Louisiana parish in a state of shock. Susan tries not to get involved, but the mystery lover in her fuels her curiosity about the case her husband Police Chief Jim Foret is investigating. Jim fears her interest might cause a repeat of the dangerous situation she experienced years ago. Exactly as Jim imagines, Susan’s curiosity lands her in a race for her life when she is kidnapped by the killer.

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Arlene Messa, writing as A. C. Mason, is a Louisiana native and resident. She was born in Morgan City, Louisiana, but grew up in Baton Rouge. She’s a mother, grandmother, and twice a great-grandmother. Her two daughters and their families live in nearby communities

She grew up reading Nancy Drew, Trixie Beldon, and other mystery novels for girls. Her love of a good mystery led her to write her own. Mardi Gras Gris Gris is second in a series featuring Susan Foret, an aspiring mystery writer. She is currently working on a stand-alone mystery also set in South Louisiana.

Two spoiled cats, Katy and Wiley share her home. Katy makes several appearances in the mysteries as the protagonist’s pet in the Susan Foret series.

Arlene also has two romantic suspense novels published under the name Anne Clayre Mason set in European locales. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, Romance Writers of America, and Heart of Louisiana RWA.

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