Sunday Planner

I am not a big planner. Everyone that know me know that. But I find that I need to be come a better one with what all is going on this year.

You will see this August some new Post-



  1. Monday’s – Look for My Bell Ringer ( On-line School Post)
  2. Tuesday – Social Media,Blog and updates.
  3.  Wednesday -My Craft Table – my craft day post.
  4.  Thursday-  Food Finds, Family Day
  5. Friday – Fun Louisiana facts ,travel and adventure
  6. Saturday – anything goes
  7. Sunday – Planner post & Sunday Lunch

Are you a Planner? Do you do it on line or in a planner? Are you part of the New Planner Craft craze? 

Some Planner Craft sites

Lovely Planner

P interest Planner boards

One thought on “Sunday Planner

  1. Hi Lisa! I try to plan, but 90% of the time, it never turns out as planned. The closest I come to planning is making a to-do list the day before I need to get things done. I have also tried menu planning, but my husband sometimes doesn’t like what I have listed on the menu for the week and asks me to make something else. I take life as it comes.You weekly planner looks absolutely beautiful. 🙂

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