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On Monday’s I will be bring you tips,links and Life of an online student. Today as we get ready to attend a Face-to Face Orientation for our On-line school I thought I would share a little with you about our school- Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy ( LAVCA) -starts school Aug 9th,


What is an On Line School?

LAVCA  It’s a public school ran on a charter from the state of Louisiana. It;s been open for 6 years and this is our 6 and finial year since my son will be graduating.

If you have taken any college classes its the sane set up , He logs in and has a homeroom  meeting every Monday and tell them school news and whats going on. He then checks his Class schedule for the day. And then he logs in to his schedule class where teacher may teach a glass viva web cam or has a written lessons for the day. Each class has an outline section and testing.He is required by law to attend 6 hours a day for 30 hours a week.

How is it different than Home Schooling?

My sons curriculum and supplies are provided by the State/ LAVCA He also takes all State mandated testing, ACT and attendance policy.

Home School er – usually buy there own material, testing is optional and you can attend when you want to. Teach what you want too. Each state has there own home schooling Laws please check with your state,

Will he get a diploma ? Socialization?

Two of the big Questions? Yes- he gets a real Diploma since he attends public school and graduates on stage. Yes -its accredited ( State Charter )  and has been doing dual enrollment with local college since 11th grade. So college is a -YES.

Socialization ? The school has monthly outings for the kids- most kids do other things play-dates,Clubs, community sport league and church groups. You can be social as you want to be – It;s all about choice and what your child enjoy.


It’s all about quality of Education for our family – It works for us but I tell my facebook group not all kids do well in this style of Learning. It’s nice to have a choice in Education – and this is ours.

My School home page will be updating with some school pictures and links – We are getting reading for the New Year are you?    Lisa

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