Labor Day * Daiquiri

Today is going to be in the 80’s with humidity at 70% to cool off this Labor Day-

My Local Daiquiri Shop- You don’t have one?  Yes -You can Drive up and order your choice of beverage. But If driving -Keep the lid on till you reach home. Lisa



a cocktail of rum, lemon or lime juice, and sugar, often with the addition of fruit and ice and mixed in an electric blender: a frozen banana daiquiri. Origin of daiquiri. 1915-1920. First recorded in 1915-20; named after Daiquirí, town on the east coast of Cuba.

For those that still want to Celebrate –

2 cups of water

2 cups sugar

2 6oz. frozen lemonade

2- 6 oz. frozen limeade

1 -6 oz. can frozen lemon juice

1 fifth Rum

6 cups of water

  • Take water/sugar -heat and make a simple syrup. Then you need a container that can go into the freezer. Place all ingredients inside the container -Stir. Let freeze overnight. Then Drink up. Because of the alcohol this will not freeze solid.



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