Monday – Trash & Bash

Hello  Monday!

We had a fun weekend Here we went out and did some Volunteering ! As a parent that schools  at home I look for local opportunities to get my son  &  family out and helping the community we live in.  The number One questions I get from friends and family is about – Social skills since he is schooled at home . I tell people they are opportunities out there – to be social  – Clubs, Church , and Community Events. You just need to look and find them and join  the fun.  Lisa










Saturday – We Trashed & Bashed in Port Barre. A small town about 30 minutes away. It’s the starting point of – The Bayou Teche – this is a semi annul event to clean the water ways of trash.  Sponsored by TECHE Projects

Bayou Teche Paddle Trail is a 135 long paddle trail through 4 parishes and 13 towns along the most historically and culturally significant bayou in Louisiana. Named by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana.

Coming to visit – info below

Water Trail info

Trail Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bayou Teche Paddle Trail is to provide education about the ecology, culture and history of Bayou Teche through low impact recreation opportunities.  The BTPT provides access for paddlers of all abilities and has several options for long and short trips to explore the unique cultural heritage that makes up the communities along Bayou Teche.  Native American, Creole, African and Acadian Communities are defined by this bayou and that legacy is celebrated today.


2 thoughts on “Monday – Trash & Bash

  1. I have one homeschooled child and one brick and mortar schooled child. The homeschooled one has far more meaningful social interactions than my traditional school child every day! I hate that question. She does not live in a plastic bubble.

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    1. I agree – My son attend public school until 6 grade and we moved to Louisiana. No school of choice here and the school are terrible here, So we chose an online public school. We live in a small town put we look for things he might enjoy – like this latest project. I would have wished more kids would have come out.


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