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History Fact or Fiction ?


  • The story is taught all across America. Christopher Columbus, spanish explorer, sets sail in 1492 with three ships and discovered the New World. It’s a story told so frequently, its become more fable than fact.

In school we are all taught the poem –

The Poem: In 1492

In fourteen ninety-two

Columbus sailed the ocean blue…..


3 tiny ships – Pinta ,Nina , Santa Maria



History Channel video – History Channel

In Modern Time we know more?


  • The facts are these: Columbus sailed from Spain searching for a route to the East Indies. Crossing the Atlantic, he ended up landed in the Dominican Republic, an unknown land mass to Europe. Despite 11th Century Vikings landing in North America nearly four hundred years earlier than him, Columbus has since been credited as the discoverer of the Americas.

So make today a day of teaching ,exploring and learning -through books and video.


All hail to the man who discovered America and placed it in the map. If it weren’t for Christopher Columbus, America wouldn’t be known throughout the world. Do you know how he made such astonishing discovery? This book tells his tale, in all facts and no fiction.

Book link

Do you know that there’s a debate to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day ?

Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes Native Americans, who were the first inhabitants of the land that later became the United States of America.


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