Grandma is getting Connected *


Good Morning Wends day ! The day Grandma get’s Connected-


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If you read my post ? You know my parents are in there 80’s -my Dad uses a flip phone with big keys and only in an emergency. But my Mom has convinced him that she is missing out on the internet. She needs Facebook to stay current with family gossip & news. No one talks or calls anyone when they can post it for all the world to see. 


But is the internet ready for my Mom. Parental controls are going on – she will be a key clicking demon. I just told my son his new job – teaching Grandma the internet. The women as trouble with her remote controller for her television. Looks like he will be spending quality time at grandma.  

 Explain these Tips for being safe on the internet  will be class #1 

  • Create passwords and make them strong. …
  • Secure access to your accounts. …
  • Think before you act. …
  • Share with care. …
  • Use security software. …
  • log out
  • On line dating safety


At Least she want be on any Senior On line Dating sites -Grandpa is still going strong and she will not have any need for that.  

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But is the Web ready for Grandma ? We will see — Lisa 


I found this great article about Seniors on line security  safely connect

4 thoughts on “Grandma is getting Connected *

  1. My mother, in her late 70s, loves FB. I post more than anyone I know just so she can easily see pictures of the kids and what we are doing. Email is too tough on my end because I have to sit and write a real letter or she feels cheated. 😂


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