Monday * Hope

Today is a Holiday for many of in the United States – so enjoy the day & this quote. Want more information on the holiday History .com



So many of you know I am doing Ali Edwards – One Little Word 2018 – my word is Hope 

Why dis I chose -Hope ?   

Old English hopian “wish, expect, look forward (to something),” of unknown origin, a general North Sea Germanic word (cf. Old Frisian hopia, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Dutch hopen; Middle High German hoffen “to hope,” borrowed from Low German).

Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: “expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation”.

I choose Hope because – I have “hope” for the New Year. Both personnel and for the world. As I work through the Month check Monday’s post for projects & post of my journey.  Lisa 

Join me in my Journey of Hope – One Day at a Time  Lisa 





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