Happy Earth Day –

Happy Earth Day 2018



Wild flowers that are eatable – please be careful of what you pick & eat. Most parks  services have tours or more information from professional. Some of Louisiana bounty is- 

  • Sow thistle -found around New Orleans area . Cooked like greens.
  • Chickweed is another plant that likes to take up residence with other potted plants. It also can be found growing out of cracks in sidewalks. Chickweed is often eaten raw in salads.
  • Another wild plant, broad leaf plantain can often be found near natural or artificial water sources. In urban areas, this plant grows near water hoses that are left on or that have leaks. Broad leaf plantain is traditionally served stuffed (similar to grape leaves).

    *One of the most common edible wild plants in Louisiana is clover. Clover can be eaten raw or cooked and is a good source of vitamins A and C. Clover can be found growing almost anywhere from lawns to potted plants and open fields.

    *Purslane is often found growing between the cracks of sidewalks and other paved areas. It can also be found in rocky places. Pursulane is traditionally served raw as a salad green.

    *Wild persimmons are found throughout Louisiana. The small apricot-shaped fruit is delicious when eaten raw or cooked. The leaves of the persimmon tree are also edible.


    Dandelions    Wine 
     Yes – you can make Wine but make sure they are pesticide & a clean area from pets
    .  quart dandelion  blossom
    1 (.18 ounce) package wine yeast
    1 gallon boiling water
    8 C white sugar
    Orange & lemon slices
    1. Place dandelion blossoms in the boiling water, and allow to stand for a few minutes  Remove and discard the blossoms, and let the water cool to 90 degrees F .
    2. Stir in the yeast, sugar, orange slices, and lemon slice; pour into a plastic fermentor, and attach a fermentation lock. Let the wine ferment in a cool area until the bubbles stop, 10 to 14 days. Siphon the wine off of the lees, and strain through cheesecloth before bottling in quart-sized, sterilized canning jars with lids and rings. Age the wine at least a week for best flavor.

    The fementator  vessel can be homemade ( direction online) or part of a home brew kit purchase,

    Also here’s another easy recipe Dandelion Wine Recipe

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