Sunday Morning Blog Updates :

Good Morning ! June 3rd is looking a little cloudy here. Hope that means rain on the forecast for the day. We could use a break from the hot weather.

Today I thought I would give you an update on what’s going on.

  • We are on baby wait . My nephew & wife are expecting there first child. Due anytime.
  • We are getting ready for College orientation next week. College starts in August .
  • If you haven;t done so – Click the Lisa Daily Grind button and you will be directed to my New site.  Want to go Now – Lisa’s Daily Grind
  • You might ask why I moved and I will say that I followed the numbers.  By combining my craft & food blog on Blogger – i have gotten more reader & followers on this platform. Also if you are on Bloglovin” Come follow me ,
  • It’s a Creative Blog for people who love cooking (or Eating) & making Crafts. So stop bye & see what’s on today’s Menu. 

Today On Lisa’s Daily Grind – I am celebrating Egg Day !!! 


Bacon & Cheese Omelette                                  Egg Drop Soup


Also today is National Cancer Survivor Day !






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