Promises and Pina Coladas

  Happy Pina  Colada Day :





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In college, Annie Tremont and Ben Danforth made a promise over a particularly wicked pitcher of Piña Coladas: if either of them needed anything, (anytime, anywhere) the other would be there. It was the kind of thing close friends say, never expecting the words to matter. Only now, a decade later, that promise is coming due.

Annie, a home-town-loving free spirit, is following her dreams as a radio deejay and social activist. Ben is a top exec with a New York financial firm, who’s about to receive the promotion of a lifetime, which will take him halfway around the world, if only he can clean up the mess in the Cincinnati Office. But fate is conspiring against his promotion, leading him directly to Annie’s door.

Even as sparks sizzle, Ben and Annie know they can’t base their future on a Promise over Piña Coladas…or can they?

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