Busy Sunday * Grandparents day , Teddy Bear day and more :

Happy Sunday , Grandparents day , Teddy Bear day  & Hug your Hound dog Day !!!

Yeah ! Looks like a busy day of celebrating – seems fitting that Teddy bears & grandparents are the same day they  both are the symbolize comfort to the world. And why not hug your hound dog they are loyal and part of the family :

Ways to celebrate –

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Play Elvis ( Your Nothing but a Hound Dog) my Mom loves Elvis movies

Make time for both your grandparents

Take your special Hound on a Walk



#1 Bestseller!     Book Link
Jan McCracken, author of Healthy Carb Cookbook for Dummies®, shares the first book in her Little Books of Tea Series… Teddy Bear Tea! She encourages and inspires her readers to stop for just a little while in this crazy world… whether with a solitary cup of tea or sharing with friends… a cup of tea soothes your very soul!

Teddy Bear Tea is a fun read infused with light-hearted content and no fuss recipes centered around the theme of the book, those huggable creatures we all love, Teddy Bears. You’ll find little notes from the author on recipes, a little history on Teddy Bears and tea, creative ideas on sharing your tea time with friends and inspirational tea quotes sprinkled throughout.

The Little Books of Tea Series make thoughtful and inexpensive gifts on a special day for friends, family, a teacher or just to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. Teddy Bear lovers and collectors will be delighted with a gift of Teddy Bear Tea. These little books are a forever remembrance of your thoughtfulness.

More Little Books of Tea are coming soon.

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