Crafts from the Home * DIY Candle making

Today’s craft from the Home -is easy DIY Candles.  Made with used cat cans. I always have these on hand because i have a cat that only eat canned cat food, So Mom recycles  them into candle holders – perfect for the holiday .Use them outside in pumpkins or tables cape these are fun and easy to make.  Lisa 


My container  is Cat Food cans. Remove label and clean. 



Basic Candle making Steps: 



  • Prepare work area
  • Melt your choice of wax ( microwave )
  • Adhesive wick to container  (glue dot)
  • add Fragrance & color (mix)
  • Pour Wax into container
  • Let Cool
  • Trim wick

*I use both soy and bees wax pellets   and melt in microwave slowly . But be careful when taking out of microwave its very hot.  

*I use wicks with metal bases –  place a small glue dot  underneath to hold in place. 

you can use old wax crayons for color dye. 

Decorating the Cans : Halloween and Christmas  examples : 






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