College Life Update * Dorms, Laundry & Football

We had a busy weekend – we drove up to spend some time with our son at College and attend a football game. One of our concerns about our son has been his transition from home school (virtual student ) to college student  living in the dorm with a roommate. But it has been a smooth transition -with a great roommate that compliments my son’s personality. And he’s loving living in a dorm with lots of students   and the whole college experience :  Lisa



One of the Lessons he’s learned is Laundry : Here’s a fun talk  we had on the way to Game :

J – Mom why Do girls have so much Landry ? They have bins & use up all the washers !

Dad – Well they Change cloths a lot.

Mom- I am sure they just seem like that they have a lot of baskets. They probably separated there clothes before washing.  To make it easier.

J – I just put mine in all together and set the timer. ( Yes! There’s an APP for that ) Washy

Note to self buy all dark items. 


Game Day @ Cajun Fields and yes we won . 



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