Tuesday Class * Government 101

This Tuesday its all about the up coming elections in Louisiana:

Our Library is also used as the town polling place. So take your kids this Saturday and Vote in the state elections…… lisa

The town has been the host to many political parties and rallies.

Why vote ?

An important part of the United States government is the right of every person over the age of 18 to vote. Voting is not only a right, but a privilege and a responsibility.

Who can Vote?

When the US government was first formed only white men over the age of 21 were allowed to vote. This was changed over the years to include everyone regardless of race or gender. Today anyone who is a citizen and is over the age of 18 can vote.

my Library book

Free to borrow with kindle unlimited

How are leaders elected into office? Who are the Democrats and the Republicans? What is the electoral college? This book will tell you everything you need to know about the US voting system. While you cannot yet vote, having the know-how will prepare you to make an educated decision in choosing your leaders in the future. Buy a copy now!

Make a ballot box :

use an old shoe box to make a ballot box.

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