Been Booed by Lee St. John

Halloween by Lee St John

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Happy Halloween from Lee St. John 

pumpkin display Photo by Artie Siegel on

My neighborhood plays the game, You’ve Been BOOed. Some might call it Ghosting or The

Phantom. It’s a friendly, innocent prank for Halloween fun. We have a lot of children in our neighborhood, so the game starts early in October.

Someone clandestinely starts the game—I know who—by secretly leaving a small Halloween-themed gift bag of treats— and maybe some tricks!—for each child in the selected home. It alsocontainsinstructionsforthepartakingofthefun,a“You’ve Been BOOed” sign, and a “BOO” poem. After a household has been BOOed, they, too, must in turn secretly pay it forward. Those participating will know when a house has already been BOOed because the sign in the goody bag will be placed on the frontdoorallowingotherstomoveontoanotherneighbor.

Part of the fun is how

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