Thursday Travel : Gonzales, La Jambalaya Festival

It’s time for a Road Trip to GonzalesLouisiana, (population 11,350). It’s conveniently located between the capital city of Baton Rouge and the fun and originality of New Orleans.

Festival History:

Gonzales is the “Jambalaya Capital of the World.” In 1967, this term was only an inspiration in the mind of Steve Juneau to promote the City of Gonzales. Juneau, a native of Avoyelles, was very impressed with the Jambalaya prepared by area cooks. He thought this would be a great method to promote the city. The idea was presented to the Gonzales Lions Club and the annual Jambalaya Festival was born. As the idea spread across Ascension Parish, many non-profit civic groups and fraternal organizations were invited to get involved. The festival would be used as a vehicle to raise money for community projects supported by them.

What is Jambalaya?

Similar in many ways to Spanish paella, the term “jambalaya” is derived from the Spanish jamon for ham. It’s pronounced “jahm-buh-LIE-uh” or “jum-buh-LIE-uh”. Jambalaya found its way into Creole cookery in the late 1700’s where it soon took on the flavor of added local ingredients.There are other stories of the jambalaya “myth,” but the favorite comes from the Webster’s dictionary which defines the word as French Louisiana for a mixture of diverse elements.

​​What is Jambalaya? Today it is a Cajun/Creole dish made from a mixture of meats, rice and seasonings blended to produce a delicious dish. It can be made (separately or all together) with ham, chicken, sausage, fresh pork, shrimp and oysters, to which is added shortening, rice, onion, garlic, pepper and other seasonings.

The Jambalaya Festival and World Champion Jambalaya Cooking contest is held annually in Gonzales, Louisiana. Jambalaya is economical to prepare and can be cooked in a one quart pot indoors or in a 30 gallon black pot. Jambalaya cooking is an art that must be perfected to acquire a superb blend of flavor with proper consistency. Area cooks practice continually to perfect Jambalaya that will win the title “World Champion.” As you might imagine, competition is key as may cooks vie for this prestigious title. Many champions have cooked at other festivals and for foreign leaders, as well as presidents of the United States. Gonzales is the Jambalaya Capital of The World.

2022 Jambalaya Festival may 27-29th :

It’s Festival season in Louisiana – so grab your sunscreen and join in on the Good Times… Lisa

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