Be Your Own Hero

Help Kids Discover Their Own Inner Hero

We often teach children that heroes are famous because of something they did, but it’s just as important to teach them that heroes are remembered for who they are. In Be Your Own Hero, Lisa King reveals what it takes to be a real-life hero. And it has a whole lot more to do with character and kindness than anything else! Being a hero takes having the courage to believe in yourself, overcome obstacles, and make the world a better – and brighter – place for everyone around you. And the good news is, we all can do that!

It’s Hero Week at school, and Quinn Wilson can hardly contain her excitement! Each day, her class will meet a real-life hero, and on Friday they get to dress up as their favorite hero from the past or present. Every other kid in the class knows who they want to be, except for Quinn! There are so many heroes she looks up to! How can she choose just one?

But when Quinn’s teacher, Mr. Finley, teaches the class some important truths about heroes, Quinn discovers something unexpected. In her search to find a hero in someone else, she actually finds the hero in herself!

Net Galley Book Review”

This is a book you need in your class library. Be Your Own Hero tells the story of students preparing for an upcoming hero day in their class when each student will dress up as a character who has made the world a better place. Some of the heroes chosen were famous and others are ordinary people. As students and their teacher discuss what traits make a person a hero, they discover that heroes are more remembered for their character traits than what they did

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