Thursday’s Book Reviews

Since I am getting ready to reopen the Library again in the coming week . I thought I would share some great kids activities books :

A fun, activity-based, animal-tastic approach to learning print penmanship

Did you know that handwriting activates a different part of your brain than typing? Handwriting is an essential skill for academic achievement that all kids should learn—regardless of technology. The Print Penmanship Workbook for Kids will help you develop early writing and reading skills while you have fun with something everyone loves—animals!

Start by tracing and copying the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase letters. Move on to words and eventually, full sentences—all while learning interesting and cool animal facts. Take mental breaks along the way with fun coloring activities. Strengthen motor skills and memory while developing a lifetime of perfect print penmanship skills.

What’s inside this brilliant print penmanship workbook?

  • Before and after—After completing the book, return to the first writing exercise and see how much your print penmanship has improved.
  • Koala bears aren’t bears—Learn fascinating animal facts! For example, koala bears are not bears at all—they are marsupials.
  • Just the beginning—Learn by printing, coloring, and repetition—then use your new print penmanship skills to write all about what you have learned.

The Print Penmanship Workbook for Kids will have you perfecting your printing skills before you know it—thanks to your new animal friends!

Free with Kindle unlimited or $8.99 to buy :

This workbook is perfect to work on pen writing and learning fun animail facts.

Big animal activities for little ones―can you solve them all?

Get your child wild about wildlife with one of the best activity books for kids ages 3-5, featuring fun animal-themed activities designed to encourage thinking, coloring, and laughing. This book takes your little one on exciting animal adventures as they puzzle their way through fun and engaging dot-to-dots, coloring pages, mazes, matching games, and spot-the-difference puzzles. Kids will have a blast gobbling with turkeys, swimming with sea horses, and buzzing with bees―all while practicing spatial thinking, honing hand-eye coordination, sharpening memory, and growing creativity.

This standout among activity books for kids ages 3-5 includes:

  • Age-appropriate activities―This book goes beyond other activity books for kids ages 3-5 with hours of awesome animal activities your child can complete on their own―all in a range of difficulties.
  • Colossal cartoons―Unlike other activity books for kids ages 3-5, jumbo illustrations give your little one room to get creative with coloring activities featuring animals, like peacocks, armadillos, octopi, and more!
  • Animal parade―From spotting differences on the farm to matching baby animals with their family, a wide variety of activities you won’t find in other activity books for kids ages 3-5 will keep your child excited and engaged.

If you’re looking for activity books for kids ages 3-5 and aren’t sure where to start, an exciting animal adventure awaits your child within My First Animal Activity Book.

Kindle unlimited

This fun book is for ages 3-5 and a great way to introduce animals of all kinds to kids.

Starting June : Thursday with be Summer Reading Camp at the Library !

As I open our library I will be doing an online and a take home packer version of our program;

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