Summer Reading * Crafts

Today at the Library : I am sharing some book related Crafts I will be sharing for the challenge!

The Library Summer Reading program will be run a little different this year. I will be handing out book challenge packets and doing book reading and crafts on line to keep everyone safe….. Lisa

Basic Crafting Supplies :

  • Colors or markers
  • Paper plates
  • Cotton balls
  • Construction paper
  • paint
  • Scissor,glue ,pencils
  • Library crafts are simple so that any kids can make and use basic supplies you may have on hand. We are a small rural town so keeping it basic is a win for us……. Lisa

Jack and Beanstalk : Prints to color

Paper Plate Bean stalk :

You know I love paper plate crafts. You might find green plates but if not just paint or color it green. Then starting on outside edge cut your spiral. (Think spring) Add the clouds on top and a hanger. You can add leaves or even jack to make your a little different.

Paper Bean stalk

So this works best with paper towel rolls but if you happen to have wrapping paper rolls you can make a bigger stalk. Cover the roll with green paper, paint or tissue paper . On top a plate with cotton balls and a castle with Giants.

From the story:

 find a huge Beanstalk growing in the garden. the beans really are magic he cried Jack saw that the stalk reached the clouds. he remembered stories about the clouds containing gold and started climbing the stalk to see what he could find he climbed and climbed

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