Welcome : Monday

Can you believe it it’s the last Monday of the month of December. And the last Monday of 2020. As we prepare for a New Year I here I am exiting to see the change coming …. but first it’s time to take down the decorations …..

When do you take down your Christmas decoration?

I take them down the next day. Something about cleaning up and putting away holiday items to signal making room for a New Year. I make it a family party just like when we all help decorate the tree.

Christian tradition dating back to the 4th century marks Twelfth Night, the end of Christmas and the Eve of the Epiphany (Christian feast day), as the time to take down your Christmas tree and pack away your decorations again.

That means you can enjoy the twinkling lights for a little while longer, because Twelfth Night falls on either 5th or 6th January 2021 – and the dates depend on tradition. Be warned though: leaving your decorations up after this date is thought to bring bad luck.

Whatever is your family custom – enjoy and pack away this year -ready for next year….. Lisa

Tips on putting away decoration:

Clear House and Throw Away What You Don’t Want or Need

The first step in organizing is always to separate out the things that you want to keep from the things that you don’t want to keep. In terms of holiday decorations, start by getting rid of:

Label all of your boxes. Labeling is a fundamental part of effective storage because it makes it much more simple to find what you need later on. Most people have a specific order that they decorate in—i.e. Christmas tree goes up first, followed by exterior lights and general décor—and if you label your boxes you can just pull out what you need as you need it.

Make the boxes you’ll need first the most accessible. In the same vein as the tip above, if you have an order to how you decorate then you’re going to want to make that process as easy on yourself as you can. As you arrange your decorations in storage, keep the boxes with items you know you will need first in the front. When you take those boxes out of storage to unpack and set up you’ll have the next batch of items right there behind them.

Don’t stack heavy boxes on top of lighter ones. We’ve touched on this concept a couple of times, but it’s important to reiterate. To prevent damage to your stored decorations, be careful to stack your boxes with the heavier ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. That way, you don’t have to worry about items getting broken from having too much weight on top of them.

Put dryer sheets in the boxes if you’re worried about pests. Dryer sheets are great for keeping spiders and other bugs away from your decorations. For best results, replace the dryer sheets every month or so.

Thanks for stopping bye this Monday and have a great week …… Lisa

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