Making Plans Thursday

Happy Thursday my followers. How is the New Year treating you? Are you like me trying to make plans for the day,week,month or year. One way I like to accomplice that is using planners. Just like scrapbooks -planners can be simple or decorated to match the season or month to motivate you. So you are looking for a planner ? Choices are many : I own Happy Planner ,Webster ,Simple stories and lots other -seven some I picked up at the dollar store. Buy what you like that fits your life style and budget. Here’s some basics and next week we will be talking stickers//// Lisa

Planner Size Choices:

Mini ( hand size /fits in a purse)Dimensions: 5.75″ L x 1″ W x 8.625″ H

Mini Skinny Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 0.58 in

Classic : 8 x 10 size ( perfect for a monthly update)

Big : 12 x 12 ( go large/desk size : and more room to decorate)

Planner Basics

There are 3 main planner layouts:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Hourly

Horizontal Planners

  • Room for writing long tasks without needing multiple lines to write those tasks
  • Can split the daily planning space into 2 and still have enough room to write tasks
  • People who have lists of 2-3 word tasks. Moms could fit this with tasks like “grocery store”, “pick up dry cleaning”, or “Sophie Dr. Appt.”
  • People who want to use their planner in a task-oriented way instead of as a journal.

Vertical Planners

  • If you have short tasks you’ll fit a lot in
  • Many options for planner stickers to choose from (especially themed kits)
  • This design is perfect for people who think logically from top to bottom, list-makers, and people who have a lot to keep track of during the day. People who have long task lists, such as moms or bloggers might be a good fit for this style of planner.

Hourly Planners

  • Ideal for scheduling – if you’re someone that procrastinates an hourly planner will help keep you on track
  • You’re not left wondering what you should be doing next – the day is all planned out for you so if you stick to the plan you know you’ll get it done

2021 Homebody Seasons Deluxe Classic Dashboard Happy Planner® – 12 Months

dashboard planners

  • Wider columns than vertical planners, but less dead space than in horizontal planners
  • If you turn the pages back on themselves i.e. only want to view / have open one page at a time you can still see your entire week – it’s not spread out over 2 pages

What ever your choice – have fun and use you planner for making plans for 2021 :

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