Craft Table ; DIY Coffee Cozies :

Welcome to Thursday Craft post : Today on the Craft Table is DIY Coffee cozies . These are all fun and easy and with Valentine coming up the perfect gift for your love ones.

Coffee Cozies | Keep your hands snug and your drinks warm with these handmade coffee cozies. Each coffee cozie holds your typical sized takeout coffee cup.

Basic Template :

Valentine : Cut from Felt

This is a great option. Felt comes in many colors and doesn’t ravel when Cut. I cut felt band to cup size and add hearts . The band stays on with snaps.

Recycled Sweaters :

This is a great way to recycled old sweaters into a fun gift. So grab an old sweater or buy one at Goodwill and start crafting.

  • old sweater
  • scissors
  • fabric washable glue
  • Large Button (fastener)

(A) Cut your sweater piece from the pattern above . and fasten with a button. ( depending on the knit pattern you may need to stitch or glue edges.

( B) Measure your cup – so you know how much you need to cut. Cut the sleeve of the sweater and fold down and glue edge.

All you need is some old flannel shirts

  • Old flannel shirt with a nice cuff and button
  • Scissors

This is great for the Non Sewing crowd. Grab an old flannel shirt from home or Goodwill and with scissors you are going to cut the Cuff off to fit around your coffee cup. You can leave the edged alone or using fusible fabric tape you can finish the edges .

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