Creative Lettering Journal with Inspirational Quotes

Improve your hand lettering skills with inspiring quotes

With a little practice, you can create exquisite works of original art with hand lettering and modern calligraphy. Build up your skills with this guided journal, filled with meaningful quotes to practice your hand lettering and lift your spirit.

What sets this creative lettering journal apart:

  • Hand lettering how-tos—It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner; this book explains basic guidelines, the tools you’ll need, how to master brush lettering and faux calligraphy, and more.
  • Seven unique alphabets—Become a hand lettering pro as you practice seven different alphabets in various lettering styles and learn how to add your own artistic flair.
  • Insights and questions—Add a dose of positivity to your day with thought-provoking questions and words of wisdom to ponder as you hand letter the inspirational quotes.

Take your hand lettering to the next level with the Creative Hand Lettering Journal.

Lisa Book Shelf:

Whether you’re just getting started with lettering or you’ve been at it for some time, this book has something for everyone! I love how Amanda explains different lettering styles and gives you creative prompts to fuel your creativity. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in hand lettering. As a crafter and bible journaled. this book belongs on my book shelf

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