Goodbye Charles Cannatella & Sons

Today post is a little different.  I am saying Goodbye to our local small town grocery store. After 99 years the family has decided to close down here. And move in a different direction.  We are all heart broken they left but Best wishes.

So Thanks for the Memories:

The store started out as a grocery and hardware store 99 years ago by the family.  It was one of three at opening. They specialized in Italian homemade meat and sausage.  Over the year the family passed on to there sons and the business changed, But so did our small town. They will be missed.

Homemade Sausage and Cajun Boudin

But over time they all have closed as the towns population got smaller and people buying trends changed. So we say Goodbye and wish them Luck in there new venture. 

Baton Rouge. LA. Mid City Location

Selling Italian food products and more. In a small boutique setting. With homemade pasta. Catering and sausage. 

Living in a Small town can be good or bad. But we are here and enjoy being a part of a small town. Lisa

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