Lisa Book Shelf : Children Edition

On Saturday Morning the kids come to the Library for Circle Time with Books and Crafts. So Come join us for some holiday fun:

Fourth of July (Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme) 

On the Fourth of July, Americans remember the founding of the United States. On this day, people gather for picnics and watch parades and fireworks. Sing along as you explore Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme! Includes online music access.

I Spy 4th of July: Fun Interactive Guessing Game Book for Young Kids Celebrating Independence Day on July Fourth 

I Spy 4th of July has simple riddles to solve. Your child looks through the vibrant patriotic-themed pictures to find something beginning with the letter on the page.

This question and answer game book is a fun, colorful activity to share with the little ones in your life – family, friends, pupils – everyone can enjoy the classic children’s guessing game, “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”

NOTE: All words start with the same phonetic sounds as kids will have learned at preschool or kindergarten, so there will be no confusing “E is for eyeball” answers. This book has been created by a teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching young learners, so your young learner will be well taken care of!

44 pages of full color images of cute boys and girls celebrating Independence Day.

The Case of the July 4th Jinx (Milo and Jazz Mysteries)– (older kids)

The Milo & Jazz Mysteries stars two kid detectives-in-training who use STEM problem-solving skills as they race to unravel cases and save the day! Perfect for fans of Encyclopedia BrownCam Jansen and Nate the Great.

It’s the Fourth of July! There are fireworks, parades, pies, games… and a jinx? When everything at the fair starts going wrong, detectives-in-training Milo and Jazz must find out — is it really a jinx? Or is it sabotage? This ideal series for beginning readers making the transition to chapter books has incredible Super Sleuthing activities in each book, including hidden pictures, puzzles, mini-mysteries, and quizzes—plus free online activities.

This is a fun collection of 4th of July books to add to your home or school library.! Enjoy

Kids Crafts: Fork Fireworks

Supply List:

A fork, plastic or metal, both work

A paper plate for the paint



Start with one color of paint, dip the back of the fork in and then “wipe” the back of the fork onto the paper.  Do this over and over and make a circle pattern.  Clean your fork off a nd then go to another color.  Do this over and over until you have used all the colors.  I used red white and blue but you could use any color

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