Lisa Book Shelf : 10-MINUTE MORNING YOGA

Want to wake up every morning feeling energised, eager and happy to embraced the day? It’s time you start doing yoga. Research shows a regular yoga practice can transform your daily life, boosting your energy and focus, reducing stress and anxiety and improving your strength and flexibility to make everyday tasks so much easier.

Morning yoga is the perfect way to start your day and reap maximum reward from this incredible system of mind and body exercise. Not convinced you have enough time in your schedule? The good news is, you only need 10 minutes. Just a short session of yoga first thing can transform your daily life and this book will show you how.
10-minute morning yoga offers an expert guide to practicing yoga at home, Just follow the step by step poses and sequences specially designed for mornings. You’ll also find morning meditations and breathing exercises to deepen the benefits even further.

Book Review:

Okay 10 minutes caught my eye. That’s all time I can offer in my morning. And have been interested in adding yoga to my morning routine. I found the ebook filled with great information to get me started. With poses, breathing and meditation exercises i found it easy to get started. .

Why do we do sunrise in yoga?

In the yogic discipline, the morning is considered as a “divine time” and when an individual’s spiritual energy is at its peak. Clarity, creativity, and peace of mind and body are benefits of a sunrise yoga practice because of fewer distractions prior to starting your day.

On my Summer Bucket List is Sunrise Yoga! I might not do Sunrise but instead I am try to add it to my Morning schedule…. Lisa

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