Lisa Book Shelf : Fall Crafts for Children

35 Fall and Autumn Crafts for Children

This book is filled with inexpensive fall/autumn crafts that your child or your classrrom can complete with ease! With the back to school here, and days filled with indoor activites this is a must have book. The weather will quickly change and indoor time will be in abundance. I have included idea’s that will not effect your pocket. Some of the low cost items included in this collection are seeds, kool-aid, pudding, bird seeds, leaves, sticks and more! I have also placed a few kid friendly recipes that will sure be a hit with cost effective ingrediants. This collection is great for home school kids, classrooms, after school programs, camp groups, gatherings, birthday parties, slumber parties and much more! I hope you enjoy these activities and that they WOW your kids into doing more arts and crafts!

My book pick:

I love finding New books to inspire simple crafts I can share at the library with the kids. My yard is filled with Pine Cones so this is a Win for me. Lisa

Library crafts :

  • Ribbon or yarn
  • Pine cones (from my yard)
  • Peanut Butter ( food bank)

Gather your Pine cones and  cover with Peanut Butter. Then roll in Bird Seed. and add a hanger for hanging in trees for the Birds. 

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