Book review : Amish Christmas Bakery:

My Mom was a big reader. She and a group of local women started our town library and did story time at the local school. In her memory I volunteer at the library. So on Sunday I thought I would share her and GG book shelf.

Kindle Unlimited

This fun and heartwarming Amish rom-com series contains all 4 books in the Anish Christmas Bakery series.

Noel Fisher can make entire villages out of gingerbread; why won’t she make a few dozen gingerbread cookies for Hunter Darcy?

4 Amish stories: A Book for all Seasons.

One: Amish Bakery: When a widowed Englisher, Hunter Darcy, asks Noel, an Amish woman, to make a couple dozen gingerbread cookies for his daughter’s class at school, he gets more than he bargained for.

Meet Hunter Darcy; a modern-day hero who just happens to be the most sought-after bachelor in town. One visit to the local bakery opens the door for some sweet romance to go along with the tastiest treats of the season.

Two: The English Groom: It’s the new year and Hayden gets roped into watching his brother’s children for a week, and he enlists the help of his sister-in-law, who’s running the local bakery. The children, however, have a whole set of plans for their aunt and uncle.

Three: Amish Hearts: Raegan fumes when Luca Romano’s family opens an Italian Bakery and Deli right across the street from her bakeryWhen she devises a plan to get rid of the competition, thinking there’s room for only one bakery on the downtown block, she gets more than she bargains for when Luca fights back using his Italian charm and a little help from cupid at the Valentine Ball.

Four: Puppy Love: It’s summer and Gabby has her head in clouds and can’t keep her mind on task when a handsome fireman begins to walk the firehouse dog in front of her bakery. She devises a plan to draw the fireman inside, but the health department threatens to shut her bakery down if she can’t get her new canine customers under control. Will she risk everything just for a date with her handsome hero?

Moms and GG Bookshelf:

Amish romance ,Cookbooks, historical romance, inspirational books.

I loved all of the books in this collection. They also could be read as stand alone books. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys Amish or any book that has a great story line , with a little bit of Romance but is tasteful.

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