Homemade Gifts for the Sports Fan :

Make a set of College or Pro Sport items:

  • Dollar store stencil
  • Paint /sealer
  • Paint brush , glass, towel and Clip board.

I made a couple of sets of these for alumni in the family. By using the stencil and filling in with paint these make quick and easy gifts.

Baseball Fans in the House :

  1. 1. Select and prepare your base. You can turn almost anything into a clock base, as long as you can drill a hole in it. From a book to a pot lid, the options are endless, and the difficulty of this step will depend on the option you choose to serve as your base. A paper plate clock, for example, requires almost no preparation. A wood clock, on the other hand, might require some sanding and staining.
  2. 2. Choose your clock mechanism. Obtain your clock kit, which includes a clock movement mechanism, time hands, and the necessary parts to screw them together. These kits come in many different styles, so choose one that suits the style of your base, whether it’s classic, modern, bright, or metallic.
  3. 3. Drill a hole in the base. Get your base ready to attach the clock parts by drilling a hole in its center. The hole needs to be large enough so that when you place the clock mechanism in the back of the clock, the part that drives the timepiece’s hands—the shaft—can fit through the hole.
  4. 4. Add your decorations. Attach the numbers and any other decorative features you wish. You can paint the numbers, draw them directly on the surface, or glue pre-cut numbers onto the clock face. This step will vary in intensity depending on the style of your clock. The styles that do not require numbers to be attached, like a book clock, may not need extra decorating. Other styles, like the color block clock, will require extra time to paint.
  5. 5. Assemble and hang your clock. Follow the instructions included in your clock kit to assemble the pieces. Once you’re finished, find the perfect place to hang your clock and securely attach it

Golf Fans:

if you have a Golf Fan in the house these are quick and easy gifts.

  • permanet markers
  • Golf Teas
  • Let the Kids have fun and personalize the tees.
  • For the Mason Jar
  • Mason Jar
  • Golf balls . tees ,pencils
  • decorations and tags
  • Fill your Jar with evevrything you need for a quick game of Golf .

Golf Camp Memories book:

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