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*USA Today Bestseller!*
*A Publishers Weekly Bestseller!*

Rachel Bright’s bestselling picture book is about a monster looking for love in all the cutest of places

Love Monster is a slightly hairy monster trying to fit in with the cuddly residents of Cutesville. But as it turns out, it’s hard to fit in with the cute and the fluffy when you’re a googly-eyed monster. And so, Love Monster sets out to find someone who will love him just the way he is. His journey is not easy—he looks high, low, and even middle-ish. But as he soon finds out, in the blink of a googly eye, love can find you when you least expect it.

Love Monster and the Last Chocolate

From Rachel Bright, creator of the #1 Publishers Weekly bestseller Love Monster comes a new story about sharing and chocolate—perfect for Valentine’s Day.

When Love Monster comes home from vacation, he discovers a box of chocolates on his doorstep. He knows he should share it with his friends, but what if there’s none left for him after everyone has a piece? What if they take his favorite-the double chocolate strawberry swirl? And even worse-what if the only piece left is the coffee-flavored one? Ick! In the end, Love Monster learns that sharing with friends is the sweetest treat of all.

Book Reviews :

Like the other books in this series, The Last Chocolate is a beautifully illustrated story with a sweet lesson at the end. When Love Monster (Hello Monster!) finds a box of candy on his doorstep, he faces the moral dilemma of whether or not to share with his cute, fluffy friends. As a Mum who never wants to share the chocolate, I love how this one ends. Regrettably, this story isn’t asked for often by my son, but he seems to enjoy it when we do read it.

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