Book Review: Irish Knit Murder 

A member of a prominent New Jersey family has been found dead on St. Patrick’s Day—and Pamela Paterson and her knitting club have a parade of suspects . . .

The Listers have been part of Arborville society for generations—though seventy-something Isobel Lister doesn’t fit the role of upper-crust heiress. She’s always been a colorful character, and her fun-loving spirit is on display at the senior center celebration as she performs some beloved Irish songs. But just minutes later, her body is found backstage.
It’s hard to imagine who’d target such a harmless eccentric, but Pamela finds herself suspecting everyone. There’s the Wiccan who thought St. Patrick wasn’t so saintly; the woman upset about cultural appropriation who feels the commercialization of shamrocks is a sham; the two men Isobel was seeing, who could have been green with jealousy—and old friends and family who may have feared Isobel would spill their secrets. But Pamela’s on the case, and that means for the killer, the jig will soon be up . . .
Praise for Peggy Ehrhart and the Knit & Nibble Mysteries!

“This is one of the best in the series.” Kirkus Reviews on Death of a Knit Wit
Knitting tips and delicious recipe included!

Book Review:

A solid mystery with plenty of red herrings and lots of delicious food, particularly around St. Patrick’s Day fare. The characters are well-developed and I really loved the supportive friendship between Pamela and Bettina. While considered labelled a knitting mystery, you don’t have to be a knitting enthusiast to enjoy this book. In fact, the knitting club plays a small role in this book.

I would happily read more of this series. The friendship, community and delicious food and a good mystery are a great recipe for me to come back for more.

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