Gardening 101

Happy Tuesday and April is National Garden Month ! Do you have a garden? Maybe thinking about starting one ? Check back each Tuesday for great gardening tips….

  • 1. Easier access to organic food with no pesticides
  • Starting a garden means more diversity in the foods you eat
  •  The higher nutritional value is one of many reasons to start a garden
  • . Harvest at the peak of flavor
  • More access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Learn a new skill and then teach others

Your Easiest Garden Ever

Observe Your Space : Use your garden notebook or other notebook to record:

  • Sun patterns. Know the areas of sun, shade, partial sun/shade and the type of sun (i.e., hot western afternoon sun is harsher for plants than cooler morning sun). Plants that need full sun will require 6-8 hours of sunshine daily, partial sun is usually 4-6 hours.
  • Water needs. Figure out which areas are dry (under eaves and large trees), moist (near water) or hot (like those afternoon sun spots). Also, make a note of where your water sources are and start your gardens as close as possible or plant to extend them.
  • 2. Start Small & Draw A Simple Plan
  •  Build Simple Raised Beds
  • Raised beds are probably the best way to an easy care garden. They can be made high or low and from almost any type of product – wood, cement, rocks, and even just mounded soil.
  • Pick The Right Plants : Think about the eventual size and plant accordingly for shrubs, flowers, trees, and perennial fruits. This may be the #1 thing that is difficult for any gardener – beginner or not!
  • Choose plants according to your areas sun and water needs. Good thing you spent some time observing, right?
  • Research plants that are easy care
  • Lay The Foundation
  • Plan the foundation of your area before planting any new gardens.
  •  Grow Only What You Love Or Fills A Need

Easiest Vegetables to Grow :

  • Bell Peppers
  • Blackberries and Raspberries
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes

Come Back next Tuesday for more gardening tips and tricks…… lisa

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