DIY Clay Seed Balls

I love making this fun and easy crafts with the kids. And perfect for the upcoming Earth Day projects or gift giving.

Air Dry Seed Bombs:

  • Clay {Crayola Air Dry Clay is a pretty cheap option}
  • Water
  • Seeds {flowers native to  your area are the best choice so that they will require very little maintenance}
  • Compost
  • Large Flat Surface

Mix 5 parts clay with 1 part compost and 1 part seeds.  Add a couple of drops of water {be careful not to add too much or it will be a gooey mess}.  Roll and knead the mixture into a ball.  After you have thoroughly mixed the dough, flatten it out and cut into pieces.  Roll the smaller pieces into little balls.  Now you have seed bombs.  Toss them into your open area and do nothing but wait for them to grow

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