Book Review : Lifeless in the Lilies

Riches to rags. … Chaos calms. …

Suddenly it’s quiet. … Too quiet if Doreen’s involved! What was supposed to be a leisurely stroll through a peaceful cemetery after a recent funeral turns into the start of a new case. Someone clobbers Doreen over the head and leaves her facedown among the funeral flowers. Is it random violence? Revenge? A warning of worse to come? No one knows, not even Doreen, but one thing is certain: the attack enabled the disappearance—perhaps the abduction?—of Doreen’s beloved African gray parrot, Thaddeus.

Frantic, Doreen foregoes a trip to the emergency room in favor of heading straight home, where she hopes Thaddeus will return sooner rather than later. When he does show up, riding a branch down the river, coming right home, he’s different, and all he can talk about is Big Guy. He’s also sporting an SOS message fastened around his ankle…

Doreen sets out to retrace Thaddeus’s path, while Mack hunts down her attacker. Between birds and boys and Corporal Mack Moreau’s brother, the lawyer looking into her divorce situation, Doreen has her hands full. And that’s before her former lawyer shows up unexpectedly at her home! Off-balance by all these events, Doreen opens her door to someone with a serious grudge to take her down 

Book Review :

I am loving this series! The suspense, subtle romance, mystery, all of these books are great. Dale Mayer keeps the main characters dancing around a romantic involvement. I keep looking forward to the next book, not only for another great mystery but will they finally show their true emotions!

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