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This journal I made for a gift for a gardening friend. So I let it blank inside but add a few charts and places for her to journal. The picture is from a favorite trip we took.

Items to include in the pages :

  • Personal journal
  • Dates you divided your plants and WHY you divided.
  • When and how you started your bulbs and tubers.
  • When you moved perennials and WHY.
  • Notes on plant growth (ie. vining, tall, bushy) and size.
  • Date and notes on pruning and cutting back in the fall

Everyday facts to include :

  • First and last frost dates.
  • A labeled diagram of your garden area.
  • Fertilizer application type and date.
  • Pests, treatments and dates.
  • What you planted that didn’t work and WHY you think it…

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