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There’s nothing like the sounds and smells of the first farmers market of the year. The sweetness of fresh fruits and local vegetables permeates the air and breathes new life into our recipes just as the spring brings new life to the earth. This illustrated tale follows the budding friendship between two girls who meet at their local farmers market and reminds us that food is the great unifier of all humankind.

When a farm family brings their spring crops to a city farmers market, the farmer’s daughter befriends the daughter of a neighborhood family doing their weekly shopping. Over the course of a year, the girls explore the bounty of each season. Sweet spring strawberries and crisp, fresh greens make way for corn on the cob, peppers, and a rainbow of tomatoes. Fall brings pumpkin patches and the crunch of apples. The friends part at the final winter market, already looking forward to the sweet red strawberries that will unite them again next spring.  

Katherine Pryor’s lyrical celebration of seasonal local foods is brought to life by Polina Gortman’s portrait of a growing friendship between two children from seemingly different worlds. Spring Is for Strawberries reminds us to seek pleasure in the changing harvests around us, and that all things—even friendships—have seasons worth waiting for.

About the Author

Katherine Pryor is the award-winning author of several children’s books celebrating food and gardens. She shops her local farmers market with her family every chance she gets. Katherine lives on a island in Washington State. Learn more at

Polina Gortman is a children’s book illustrator living with her family in the evergreen Pacific Northwest. Polina enjoys sketching from nature, reading, and visiting local farms to pick yummy veggies. Learn more at

Kid Craft: At the Library

Paint your child’s hand red with a paintbrush and get them to press their hand on a white paper to make a red strawberry. Add the green part by painting your child’s thumb green and having them press it three times at the top of the strawberry. Allow to dry completely and draw on black seeds with a black marker.

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