Garden Advice from Mom

As we approach Mother’s Day I am sharing some advice from my Mom. Who loved to shop and design our flower gardens but Dad did the work….

1. Never Plant flowers or plants until after Mother’s Day :

Planting Dates for Spring

On average, your last spring frost occurs on March 10. Mom ‘s advice is right on spot for our location.

2. Buy flowers in three’s.  Here’s why it’s a good rule—and why it’s okay to break the rule.

An odd number of plants can be arranged in an irregular cluster, which looks more natural than a straight line or a block shape. Using at least three plants ensures the group will have some substance.. But there are times when you can’t follow this rule. Perhaps you’re working in a space that won’t fit three of the desired plant. Maybe you’re sticking to a budget and buying one more plant would put you over

3. Always have a little white in landscape.

  • . Brighten a shady bed
  • Cool down a hot garden 
  • Break up the ‘Sea of Green‘ effect
  • Add a touch of elegance to the garden

4. Plant what works for the area. Hot Sun & Easy care

Take time to Enjoy Your Garden

Is gardening good for us?

For most of us, spending time outside in a garden or open space is incredibly important. We know it makes us feel better. While not everyone maybe a fan of gardening, they certainly enjoy spending time in gardens and appreciate other benefits of outdoor environments.

  • 87% believe gardens and green spaces benefit their state of mind
  • 84% believe gardens and green spaces benefit their physical health 
  • 94% believe gardens and green spaces benefit the environment
  • 94% believe gardens and green spaces make an area a pleasant place to live
  • 93% believe gardens and green spaces help to support wildlife

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