DIY Cofee Pot Wind Chimes

Mothers Day DIY gift

Lisa Everyday Crafts

  • A metal tea pot (ours was silver-plated)
  • Keys, or something that will make a chiming noise
  • A bell, or something for the middle that will hit the outside
  • Hemp, or another kind of “tough” string
  • A drill and a 1/8 inch drill bit
  • 5 minute epoxy

f you are using keys, you will want to cut a piece of hemp for each key long enough to hang your keys when folded in half. So basically twice as long as you want your keys to hang from the teapot. And you want to fold the piece of hemp in half and loop it through the key as shown above. We did 8 keys. Also do that for your bell.

Next you are going to drill holes evenly in a circle through the bottom of your teapot. So since we had 8 keys we made 8 holes. Thread both pieces of hemp…

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