DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder

  • old Tea Cup set
  • Dap clear silicon adhesive glue
  • rope or chain (for hanging cup)
  • bird seed

Start by gluing the teacup to the saucer. Place a line of glue on the teacup from the rim to the bottom, exactly opposite the handle. Then, holding the teacup by the handle, press the cup down into the saucer. Make sure the cup is at the back half of the saucer so there is room for the birdseed to “spill out” in front of the cup

Once the adhesive is dry, it’s time to hang your teacup bird feeder! If you pick up the teacup by the handle, and the saucer hangs nice and flat, then this part is super easy: just tie a piece of twine around the handle and hang it from a tree or a bird feeder hanger. If you pick up the teacup by the handle and the saucer is tipped one way or the other, don’t worry! You can still hang it perfectly flat, it will just take a little more twine and glue

Tip : Tea Cups can be found at garage sells, goodwill or even your own cabinets,

4 thoughts on “DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder

  1. Great idea, I hope the chain is strong enough for the squirrels who will try to get the bird food. I’m amazed when I see how they jump and hang upside down on bird feeders.

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