Social Study * Remembering 9/11

Social Study  * Remembering 9/11

Tuesday & we are back in another week of school . Today's lesson is History Tomorrow is 9/11 and a day of remembrance. Do you remember what you where when you heard the news ? My family was suiting in the doctors office in Michigan with my son getting a check up when we saw [...]

School In * 9/11 Lap Book

School In *  9/11 Lap Book

Check my  book post  for books to read, And here's a fun class project  in  remembrance of 9/11 that many children may not understand - Lisa  I made this simple Small  lap book to help explain to kids about what happened that day. And why we should remember it,  ( perfect for History class ) [...]

9/11 Children Books

9/11 Children Books

Today 's Tuesday Book post is in Remembrance of 9/11 . How to Discuss & Teach children about it . In book & activities.  Lisa   Book Buy Link The word was in shock when America was attacked in September 11, 2001. Lives were lost and properties were damaged. You weren’t yet born in 2001 [...]