January is National Hot Tea Month

Welcome to my House ! Would you like Coffee or Tea? I have a collection of both. And depending on time of day I might be drinking any of them. In the morning it’s usually Coffee ,Ice Tea and Hot Tea in that order . For my son it’s only Hot tea only which he loves with Honey. I always serve my tea in my Grandma china cups with a touch of honey or sugar . But do you know how to make a perfect Cup of Tea ?

How to Get That Perfect Cup of Tea

  • To make a tea stronger, don’t steep it for longer. Unless it’s an herbal, steeping a tea for too long will make it bitter rather than strong. Instead, add more tea leaves or bags!
  • As a general rule, use one level teaspoon or 2 grams for every cup (8 oz) you’re making. Fluffier ingredients like mint and chamomile, or teas with larger leaves like green tea or oolong could use an extra teaspoon.
  • Tea bag teas are usually one per cup (8 oz) of tea, though you can always double-up when you want it stronger!
  • Spring water is ideal for brewing, but not necessary for making a good cup of tea. If possible, use fresh cold water. Never use water from the hot water tap. Let the tap water run for a few seconds until it is quite cold; this ensures that the water is aerated (full of oxygen) to release the full flavor of the tea leaves.
  • Try not to let your water reach a rolling boil, as that will release oxygen and result in a flat-tasting cup of tea.
  • If brewing with loose leaf tea, there are several different types of infusers available; sometimes you’ll need to experiment a little until you find the perfect one for you.
  • Many teas are good for a second (even third!) steeping. Multiple steepings can bring out more subtle flavors and notes. Commonly, oolong, green tea, white tea and pu-erh fall into this category. Give it a shot—you might end up liking the second infusion better than the first!

If a tea doesn’t taste quite right the first time around, experiment with changing the steeping time, water temperature, and tea amount until you find the flavor you enjoy.https://www.stashtea.com/blogs/education/81153347-how-to-brew-tea

Yixing clay  Tea Pots :

My favorite Teas run from Earl Grey, Jasmine and oloong. My hubby and Son likes the black tea that are strong and robust. Whatever your choice you need a tea pot and yes ! I have a collection here’s a great guide to Chinese Tea pots http://www.thechineseteashop.com/how-to-choose-teapot.html

My hubby buys them for me for special occasions and They are not only pretty on a shelf but useful. And Yes ! I use them Lisa

Tea Drinkers ! Favorite Tea or Blend ??

Winter Polar Bear with Hot Spiced Tea

I am celebrating Winter in my Festival of Holiday’s with this cute Polar Bear card  as the center piece. The instant download stamp is from : from Craftin Desert Divas


Decorated in pastel colors and highlighted with gold stores and paper snowflakes  this is the perfect winter card. Lisa 



So what is in the polar bears cup ? Hot Spiced Tea 



Hot Spiced Tea 

  • 2 quarts cold water
  • 2 tea bags
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tsp cloves
  • 1 1/4 c sugar
  • 1 can frozen orange juice
  • juice 3 lemons (1/3 C)

1 quart Water,2 tea bags,cinnamon and cloves in pot and bring to Boil. Let simmer and Strain. Add 1 quart of water,sugar,orange juice and lemon juice _ heat and serve .