Judah The Strong Pack


He wanted her so much he burned with need. Judah had learned you didn’t tell a female you wanted to have sex until you worked them out of your system. Too bad he hadn’t known that before and he’d be done with this desire that made him willing to lie cheat or steal to get between her legs.
The male was a jerk and she refused to give in to him. It was too bad that her body ached for his touch because her heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.
Malinda needed away from him but her cousins wanted her to stay. She sensed they needed her but she had to ignore her own sense of self-preservation to stay. Judah was bad for her in a he will destroy me completely kind of way and yet she had to stay and weather the storm she knew was coming.
For mature readers only do to graphic language and smoking hot sex.

Judah Amazon book link-

ARC- Review Judah is the extra heir to the pack and ran away to the Army to find his place. Coming home to the pack he finds all that he  has been told about white wolves may not be true- But he has bigger problems his old boss is trying to destroy the pack and his mate is a white wolf.

Book 3 in the Strong Pack- A book about family. pack ,white wolves and mates. Judah is a strong wolf but he has problems dealing with finding his place in this book he does and a mate to make him strong. Another great Book.


Book one – Jericho   ( Judah Brother)


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